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Service Curriculum.

One of my meetings recently involved assisting a social media strategist develop her business plan. I say strategist because her knowledge of social media stands her apart from the usual so called labelled, “social media gurus” who happen to hang out at coffee shops. There are so many self proclaimed social media experts who do not really have a following, yet manage to carry around some impressive titles. Gone are the days where you had to earn your status. This is just one of the many challenges my fellow friend has to face on a day to day basis.

She recently had a strategy meeting with me to develop a business. The first challenge she ran into was explaining her service to make sense for the common consumer. She had a hard time explaining it to me until she showed me in person what she did. While I was impressed with her talent, I saw really quickly that we needed on packaging herself, her services.

So we started to develop a curriculum of her social media strategies. We pretended she was writing a book and decided to break down a table of contents. Once we listed down all the steps and stages of each strategy we realized we were sitting on a service curriculum which could work well so many purposes. We decided to stop for the evening and I recently got an update that the curriculum was put to good use. She managed to use the curriculum to create brochures, write sales-copy, copy right content, create content and most of all turn her service into an e-book. The curriculum even inspired her to increase her product line and write an eventual hard cover book.

If you are a service provider I would recommend implementing this strategy. What could you do with a curriculum of your service implementation?

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