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SEO Link Building Outdated Strategies

I am moderating an SEO Super panel tomorrow evening for my local meet up. To support the event I thought I share a few of my insights on a few things to avoid when it comes to link building. First of all people cringe when they hear the term, “link building” and let’s face it many of these strategies have been frowned upon since the algorithm updates names Panda and Penguin came to town.

  • An over optimized page today is not recommended. If you are writing content it is important to be real and not make it too obvious or keyword heavy.
  • An SEO company that focuses on the quantity of links is living in the stone age. Focus on quality links as opposed to quantity.
  • Mass article submission is really only making you have more duplicate content out there. Blog directories that update content through your RSS feed might be a better option
  • A high volume of press releases with no substance can really have no context. Use a press release when you have a message worth mentioning.
  • Avoid spinning content at all costs. Replace this strategy with digital story telling and repurposing content as long as you focus on the reader and realize that context is more important than content.
  • Dont be obsessed with anchor texts all over your blog. Blogs that are anchor text heavy can also be a huge distraction to the reader.
  • Hiring an SEO agency that uses black hat link building strategies that avoid quality link building. Any company that is buying ads or links can also hurt you in the long run.
  • Dont use guest posts as an article submission. A guest blogger or an interview with another site might work better in your benefit.
  • Content Marketing is not link building. The use of Private Label Rights (PLR) articles or content syndication can only mean the content is duplicated across the web which will further land you in hot water. Remember to use a canonical link element to protect your content.
  • Allowing people to put their content for on your website for a price. You are not fooling anyone this is called buying small text ads and it’s not going to help your site in the long run.

Link building is evolving with the integration of social media and the ability for your content to be viral or shared in the digital web space. Today more than ever link building should complement your content marketing by focusing on the context of this market.

When focusing on such content there are three things to consider

  1. The audience reading the content
  2. The call to action and reactions you want to receive from this content
  3. The engagement factor and how you can compliment it after all engagement pushes for an influence on reactions.

Remember be safe and do not try and outsmart the search engines!

4 Responses to SEO Link Building Outdated Strategies

  1. Hi Anthony, some definite techniques to avoid listed here. I think competitor research in your niche is a great way to find and obtain relevant inbound links. I use tools such as SEO Spyglass, Open Site Explorer etc to do this, that way you can find the relevant links, trade associations, local business directories etc that may be underpinning their ranking. What are your favorite SEO tools if any?

    Cheers, Thomas

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