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SEO 2.0?

Search Engine Optimization has been going through an evolution. It is certainly not what it used to be in the late 90’s. If you missed the last two major algorithm updates Google recently released you must know that the game has changed. The aftershock of the respective panda and penguin update has internet marketers feeling the strong-arm of the Search Engine Law. If Panda was set shock waves, its following penguin update is going to change the rule book completely.

SEO is no longer about gaming Google or tricking the system to get to the top of search engines. The new evolution involves a new terminology that is forcing internet marketers to become SOCIAL! Yes social engagement is now making internet marketers change their approach instantly. Do you want proof?

Anyone notice the social tab in google analytics that was released a few months back?

We are now able to track conversions, set social goals and metrics, monitor actions, track engagement and pages and identify social platforms and sources.

Google also included a social data hub were selected networks will allow Google to penetrate and identify social activity which will provided by the social platforms. (Take a look at which platforms are part of this social data hub)

The one notable social platform that will play a huge impact on social engagement will be Google Plus. The social network is aiming to take on major platforms. Some say there is a social media cold war brewing as google doesn’t have to play nice to bigger social platforms.

The Google updates wants marketers to focus on people and less on fancy technology. One website must capitalize on social channels and platforms. If you have any of the big 6 platforms as part of your social strategy here are 5 tips to promote social engagement:

  1. Facilitate conversations and reaction on your fan page and share content.
  2. Promote shared and created links on tweets but avoid one way conversations.
  3. Pin interesting pictures to promote visual stimulation on P-interest
  4. Participate in groups on linked in and answer questions
  5. Share content and utilize Google Hangouts on Google Plus.
  6. Create a you tube channel and utilize the video platforms by delivering great content.
It is recommended you optimize your website for relevant conversations. This will create a traffic flood and will in turn lead to call to actions.




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