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Scott Stratton – Art of Marketing

Art of Marketing VancouverThis was probably the most entertaining keynote of the evening. Scott Stratton is a social media comedian using online videos, comments and interaction to really liven up the show. In my opinion Scott had the most effective keynote and he was trending on twitter even before he got on stage! Scott started out by giving examples of wow service!

He then went off on a rant on how no one cares about your brand mission statement because it’s how your customer define you that matters. Marketing is not a task, it’s a verb. When you love what you do its great for business. Passion + Knowledge = profit. Scott reminded everyone that you  cannot automate awesomeness. Awesome employees are not overheard but assets.

Scott then pleaded with the audience not to abuse the QR codes by placing it everywhere for the sake of trying to look current. The examples he gave included QR codes for animal collars, plane and or back of buses and some other bizarre places to sport a QR code. The take away is think before you poorly market your brand. Social media is better for inbound marketing and customer service rather than push marketing. Social media like networking is all about conversations.

When people know you and share your content they call it conditional sharing but in order to make your content viral you need to capitalize on the 2nd and third circle of contacts to share your content.

Scott ended the night with some examples of poor social media practise by large brands and at the end of the day if you can’t trust someone to represent your brand socially, they should not be working for you!

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  1. I like this quote: “no one cares about your brand mission statement because it’s how your customers define you that matters.”

    That’s why it’s so important to speak to them and their needs and not simply brag about yourself in your marketing content!

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