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Saying no!

I think when most starts up make compromises when building their client base. Such compromises will affect pricing, time and decisions made by the business owner to please the client. In fact some businesses are even scared to say no for fear of losing a client.
As my personal brand took off in the past few years I find that time has become my biggest currency. I have reached the point where marketing is not required on a consistent basis as there is enough inquiries coming in through inbound marketing.
One of the most common situations that occurs where I have to say no is scheduling and appointments. I am currently taking bookings two weeks out and I fear the length will start to increase even more. I used to never like saying no to a client wanting to meet me right away however I have to as I have other current client commitments and projects. I have to say no to prevent overwhelming my business operations. Clients appreciate your honesty and many even see this as a credibility factor when you are genuinely busy. I even sometimes pull out my calendar off my phone and show them the appointments I have.
I recently was introduced to a potential project where I would be the marketing lead for a startup product. Within a few phone conversations I realized that the potential client’s approach and way of doing business was very different from my own core alignment. The client came off too abrasive, rude and was not open to any recommendations or feedback. I realized that I wasn’t willing to compromise my values or beliefs and pulled out. I get pitched on ideas everyday and as I start to focus on taking my brand to the next level I really don’t have to say yes to everything sent my way.
As I continue to build a personal presence I have built quite a stage presence. Through my speaking engagements and meet ups that I do I am constantly approached for events, speaking opportunities and even face-time. While I do my best to welcome it all I have to ensure events align with my core values and purposes. On occasion I have had to say no to such exposure as it did not compliment my brand.
The above three scenarios have been examples where I have had to say no. While there is no wrong or right decision it’s important to maintain what you believe in and not allow some other persons vision compromise with yours. Saying no can sometimes be the best thing for your personal brand!
When have you had to say no?

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