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Sales copy concepts.

There are many different types of sales copy online found today. The different sales copy varies on certain factors and demographics however today we will evaluate the different type of sales copy you will find online.

The following sales copy below are used for different intentions.

  • Traditional Long Tail Sales-copy which contains more information on the product, the benefits, testimonials and overall more content found on such page. This is commonly found when promoting a list of contacts that know of your brand.
  • Short Sales-copy  generally covers the basics and focuses on brief content that is easy to understand which works better on a cold list or organic traffic.
  • Video Sales-copy Sales copy which is now commonly found across the web. Video is having a ton of impact and captures your audience instantly with tremendous results. People who are more visual relate to such copy and spend less time reading content and more time watching it. Videos must be compelling and entertaining to capture your audiences attention.
  • Viral Sales-copy Shock and Awe Marketing – This is a subtle sales approach and basically relies on the use of social platforms to spread this video virally. Once the video has hit a few million viewers you are almost certain people are looking up your brand or company.
  • Squeeze Page Lead Capture Page – This is typically intend to collect consumer data and gives consumer the option to receive future correspondence from the business. This is used as a lead generation strategy.
  • Cross pollination websites with multiple features – With sales copy evolving business are cross pollinating between elements and concepts from all of the above options and integrating them in a more hybrid sales copy.

At the end of the day traffic brings about conversion. The bigger question to focus on is how are you generating traffic to this sales copy!

What type of sales copy are you more familiar working with?


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