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Sales copy 101.

There are many definitions to a sales copy. Simply put an online sales copy is content on a web platform that influences a consumer to take action. For decades sales copy writing has evolved and has been one of the contributing factors in the success or failure of a website. There is an art to writing sales copy and sometimes this art can take a few months of practise to perfect this skill set. You can test many different copies to find that sweet spot.

Any marketing grad student will tell you the meaning of this Acronym AIDA – In fact your sales copy headline also follows the same concept when it comes to being a successful influence.

A – Your headline needs to be attention grabbing

I –  Tap into your potential prospects interest

D – Ignite the your audiences desire

A – Prompt or influence the consumer to take action

Now there are many results from effective sales copy writing. The impact of a successful sales copy can be highlighted as follows

  • Influencing audience towards a certain direction
  • Engaging the audience to talk, converse or share your pages
  • Sell products or services
  • Creating a mass following
  • Promoting an event or workshop
  • Building credibility

There are many different factors that impact your sales copy to make it successful. Here are some factors you need to consider when your are using sales copy.

  1. Traffic sources
  2. The region where your audience resides in
  3. The demographics of your audience and how well it compliments your products and services
  4. Age Genre that is being effected by what you have to offer
  5. Interest and how well you tap into the desire of your prospects
  6. The connections, platform and browser the audience is using
  7. How well partners, affiliates or joint ventures promote your sales copy

We will be discussing the different types of sales copy in a future blog post however I am curious to know what the experiences have been for those entrepreneurs that have written sales copy. What were the factors that influenced the success of failure of your sales copy?

4 Responses to Sales copy 101.

  1. Hi Bosco

    Great article on the basics of Sales copy.
    ere is a quote i use when mentoring public speakers, it comes from a famous writer talking about writing stories and great copy is made of great story.

    The cat sat on the mat’ is not the beginning of a story, but ‘The cat sat on the dog’s mat’ is.” – John Le Carre

    Creates a mood, gets peoples attention plus both great anticipation in what comes next and question of ‘where is the dog?” – I hear foot steps!

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