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Rules of social engagement

Social Media Engagement will be pivotal for any brand presence on social platforms. In fact social engagement in its truest form promotes influence. There are many things to consider when it comes to social media engagement as far the audience, credibility and the tone of your message.

There are 5 main rules when it comes to social media engagement

  • Crash the party and join in on the conversation
  • Loose the formalities as it is a social platform
  • Search and Listen for conversation starters
  • Become a content authority and share vital resources
  • Become a regular and show consistency

As a business you have to promote such rules to see success in your work. Most businesses will not customize their message and hence broadcast the same message to their following. Yet the brand is made up of different entities and hence it is important to cater your message to the person you are interacting with for better engagement results.

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