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Rough Sales Tactics.

I needed 24 hours to let this process before I blogged about a few events that recently occurred. When I hear of a brutal sales pitch the first thing that comes to my mind is that the nasty timeshare experience I had on a boat or the feeling you get from a used car sales person. Lets face it we have all experienced sales pitches both good and bad. But what do you do when the sales pitch is close to home? How do you manage a relationship when a friend tries to influence you into buying something your not interested in? This is something that I recently witnessed and experienced in the last 24 hours. I needed a day to process before I wrote about this.

The Event

I got called on Monday by my best friend and mentioned he was going to a party at a penthouse. We had a mutual acquaintance that we had met a few times and an invitation was extended to both of us. We were both in need of unwinding and decided we would push our business plans as this event was occurring on a weekday. As the day approached we were both excited as we were both having a rough week and were in need of having a distraction and a fun night. We decided to meet over dinner and then decided to go to the liquor store to pick up a gift for our host.

The Would be Pitch 

So we started walking downtown towards the address when my spider senses started to kick in. I realized the neighbourhood was a commercial area and it look like an office building. We were talking about what our friend does for a living and thoughts of his work just struck us. We realized our friend was part of a multi level marketing company. Now please forgive me if you feel I am taking a shot at network marketers. I am not, its just something that I don’t implement in my own business. I have always been an internet marketer. As we approach the building we both start to panic and start to ask ourselves what if this wasn’t a party after all. What if we were being invited to a sales pitch? Could it be? Was our friend really trying to trap us?

The Brutal Truth

We approach the building entrance and we see 14 very young adults. I want to say they looked like teenagers all dressed up in suits. They were either dressed to impress or looked like they were attending the prom. Keep in mind my buddy and I were dressed in business casual attire and were in jeans. We certainly didn’t look the part next to these young individuals. As I was about to hit the buzzer I hear them mention a networking marketing company that I have heard of. The reason why I heard of this company is because someone tried pitching me their networking membership at a speaking event. This person barely knew me and went right for the kill in the first 5 minutes of meeting me. I had made a promise to avoid this person if I was to meet them again.

The Exit Strategy

So I stopped myself from pushing the buzzer and looked at the group of sharply dressed individuals and I recognized two guys right away. One of these people happen to be the one person I was trying to avoid and the other kid was a food cart employee who visits one of the offices I consult in. He recognized me and asked me what I was doing in the neighbourhood. My buddy asked if they knew our mutual friend. They confirmed our worst fear. The event at this so called penthouse was a sales presentation for potential prospects to join this networking marketing group. My buddy and I felt shafted, tricked and very disappointed! They asked us if we would come upstairs. We said we would consider it but we wanted to grab a drink at a bar right across this place. This was our queue to exit and not look back.

The Experience

We decided to get out of the area with our liquor. As we walked out of this area we reflected on what just happened. Someone we know obviously had no consideration towards our time and tried to pull a fast one. They tried enticing us by inviting us to a party only to really put us through a sales presentation. We were not impressed. My buddy decided to text our mutual friend and question his motives. The response, ” denial!” He didn’t feel he did anything wrong. My buddy and I felt like we were about to walk into a prison cell with a bunch of unfriendly cell mates! No thanks! There will not be any shanking today!

The Lesson

Be honest about your intentions. Your friends will appreciate what you are and what you do if you come clean. Personally if he really wanted our attention he should have had the party first. We would have all been curious as to how he bought his penthouse as such a young age. Then when we ask how, he would tell us. If we were still interested we would attend the event on our own inspiration. Rough sales tactics will only loose your credibility. I remember when someone I knew would try to get me to attend his wine presentations at his place. Those were calls I used to screen and avoid. My beef isn’t with the products I come across on any marketing platform even if it is a networking marketing form. My beef is the tactics marketers use to try and influence you. Trickery only devalues your character.

People like buying things, they just do not like being sold things – Just saying!

By the way what are you doing tomorrow, I got this wicked party to go to. Its a wedding reception but heres the catch, you have to pay a cover charge! Wanna come?


3 Responses to Rough Sales Tactics.

  1. Keep on keepin’ it real bro. Yes, you’re too right. When people lie about one thing, they’re soon going to lie about another too. Honesty in all forms of business is so critical.

  2. I agree Bosco, as soon as someone tries to deceive another person the trust is gone. Even the small lie can make people not want to do anyting with you especially business.

  3. Sorry to hear about the disappointment. I’ve experienced the same on more than one occasion. This is precisely why I’m not a fan of Network Marketing. The products may be great, but the tactics learned are not.

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