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Retail Experience

Believe it or not the people representing your brand are crucial for the lifeline of your customers. I recently was reminded of this when I recently purchased a Kobo reader from a major book store during the Christmas break. I was at a different location and decided to try my luck at a different store from the usual one that I go to for convenience sake.

My troubles started with poor service from the sales associates who did not know how to read inventory. The perception was that he was trying to up sell and it was only when I pointed out that there was in deed 40 items of what I was looking for he sheepishly walked to the back to present my item. Upon purchase of the item there was no service, it was purely a transaction. As I walked out of the store I had realized that I had not passed my rewards cards during transactions as more sales associates will ask for this. So I had to stand in line to get this corrected. The lady informed me that this would take a few minutes and assured me my reward points would be added onto my account by the end of the night.

The next morning I checked my rewards account and found out that no points were added on this. On top of this I learned through checking my emails that the Kobo company had an exclusive deal where I would receive a gift card with the purchase of my reader. Not only did the sales associate fail to tell me this upon purchase I was not given the perks that I was supposed to receive with the purchase of my reader.

Upon calling the store I had to speak to representative at the store who could barely speak English and then passed me to someone who claimed to be the manager. His response was that I should come to the store to remedy the situation. I explained to him that this was an inconvenience for me to drive all the way back and asked if it was possible for me to go to another retail chain store closer to home to fix this. He said he would find out and call me back. The call never came and I had to call the store on my own initiative and remedy the situation.

After reaching out on the social networks and lambasting the company online I finally managed to get the chains attention. The bottom line in this entire retail experience is employees need to care about the brand. I love the brand but will probably never step into that store location again.

As some retail shoppers would say, “Epic Fail!”

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