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Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the ability for websites that adapt and respond to the a platform, device or browser with the intention to provide an optimal viewing experience. The one site for every screen theory started to be the hot topic at the CES convention in Las Vegas earlier this year and has the web community buzzing about the future of web design and development.
There are three considerations to note when it comes to RWD
  • Adaptive consists of an option of fixed width layouts
  • Responsive consists of an option of fluid grid layouts
  • Mixed approach consists of a combination of fixed width layouts for large or medium websites and fluid grid for smaller layout
As technology gives birth to an increase of newer platforms, devices and browsers, it becomes necessary for a website to adapt to these changed and provide and deliver a unique viewing experience. A website viewers time on your website, engagement and reaction will be dictated by how well the website adopts and responds to the end users digital assets.
There is a fundamental shift in how websites are being designed moving forward. While responsive web design started out from an artistic approach moving forward we can expect to see more scalable and streamline options becoming more available in the market. Brands with deep development pockets won’t be the only ones playing in this sandbox with the floodgates hitting the web markets.
Web development platforms will look at ways of automating such processes of development and making it user-friendly. Template responsive web design themes have already hit the market opening the flood gates for a plethora of options.
You can now see major news websites, political campaigns and brands adapt to responsive websites. When building a responsive website a business needs to consider time, money, browser support, performance, content and website or web app development. Companies are no longer just thinking of web pages but a system to present their website.
Do you see your business moving towards this phase in the near future?

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