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Research is king…

One of the most successful strategies I will reveal to you that made my 2012 a great success was the fact that I researched and studied so much content last year which led to a ton of success. One of my biggest gifts is the ability to let content stick and I only have to read it once before it digests… They say content is king, I say scratch that, RESEARCH IS KING! 

The benefits of proper research

Proper research brought many benefits to my business such as:

  • A household name on the speaker circuit
  • Award nominations for best business blog
  • Social media engagement
  • Content authority
  • Local exposure
  • Recognized internet marketer in the Vancouver community
  • Brand recognition
  • Brand following
  • Content authority
  • Podcasting, Radio and Video interviews
  • Panels
  • Social media week participation and conferences
  • Consistency in blogging content

The ultimate prize, CLIENTS – Yes clients pay me for the research I do! Lets stop with the bragging rights and let’s get down to how to become a researching expert

The Goods! 

Researching for me at first was overwhelming, yes I will say it even I had my doubts! There is so much content out there that its really hard at first to get a grasp on this. Here is the truth, practise makes perfect and over time like anything else it becomes part of the routine!

Why is research so overwhelming?

There is a ton of good content out there and a mass influx of bull crap to sort out! In fact my bull crap filter is so sensitive now that I simply close an article within the first 5 seconds if there is no substance or context. I have become so good at it that I have to sometimes stop myself as I feel like one of those judges on those overrated musical talent shows, Hint!

So how did I get good at research?

It started off with dedicating time to do research. Every morning I spend an hour reading blogs, articles and news. Yes every morning without failure… I even research when I am on vacation. How? Twitter has been my secret weapon and my news reporter! I find out breaking news as it trends, before it gets published in my local newspaper before my competition gets a wind of great content its at the palm of my hands!

The next step is I curate content I like, want to write about, share or create products on… Shocked? Don’t be! Almost every marketer I know curates content and puts their twist or spin on it… That is the truth no bull! How do I know this? Lets just say I worked for an internet marketing company that made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling content that was curated, aggregated and dare I say it regurgitated…

One might ask where does the skill come to play? It comes from experience and applying the content into action and implementation. As an internet marketer we are constantly testing and implementing what we research, learn, curate or share. After all internet marketing really is attempting to try different strategies on the internet!

How does one protect oneself from Big Brother? 

If you are going to question who is the big brother of search, google it :) I simply do not copy paste anything. A colleague once said to me to write for passion not for dollars, I write for people not for robots! That doesn’t mean I think SEO is dead, I think it’s just evolved to something else…

Compelling content + Spin headline + User Attention + Interest = (Viral Sharing + Social Sharing) = Social SEO! 

Wow-za! Social SEO, Whats that?

Social reactions, clients sharing your links and bringing traffic to your website delivers a new form of Search Engine Optimization that Penguin loves! While there is speculation what furry creature will be named after Google’s next algorithm one thing is for sure, Social Media will play a massive impact on Search in the near future… It already has!

Tips on Research

Here is the short version on how I research content today:

  • A smartphone with an LTE connection delivers me real time content instantly
  • Get an Ipad
  • Use Google Reader to subscribe to RSS feeds
  • Dedicate time for research daily
  • Curate content and links to great websites
  • Social bookmarking or bookmarking is essential
  • Twitter is your friend!
  • Ask your network where they research content
  • Identify a list of great sites to follow and read
  • Stalk your competitors
  • Google Alerts can give you results on hot key words
  • Social monitoring delivers viral trends

Are you researching content often? How are you becoming a content authority in your field?

2 Responses to Research is king…

  1. Thanks Bosco for writing this and congratulations to your success! I love research, but often get stuck in it. There’s so much good stuff to read out there… Dedicating an hour in the morning and catch up on the phone when on the go would probably help me. Great tip! :)

    Social SEO is a refreshing thought in the SEO debate. Like it!

    • Thanks Anna,
      Research can be a pitfall and a mind trap but over time and through practise you can really master it to your benefit
      Building a routine will help!
      I knew you would like the SEO debate new terms!

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