Digital Rebel

Rebel mouse?

This is not an animated movie or cartoon waiting to hit theatres. This is a social platform that integrates ones social platforms Facebook, Twitter into a home page. It organizes your posts and turns them into a Pinterest style Social Front Page. This is more than a content aggregator tool. This new platform can drive traffic and create a better and visual user experience for your social communities. I only found out about this cool and unique tool from Gary Vaynerchuk during his keynote from social media week.

The features from the platform allows you to

  • Create a rebel mouse feed using the embed code on your website
  • Simple statistics for postings
  • Rearrange posts and fix the positions
  • A bookmarklet feature that allows you to stick posts automatically on your front page
  • Allows you to design through CSS your own themes or backgrounds.

Pinterest proved how effective visual content can be and Rebel mouse follows the same route. Rebel mouse visualizes shared links and creates a unique user experience. Lets take a look at my first shot at rebel mouse. (Screen shot below). You can also visit my social profile here.



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