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Randi Zuckerberg – Art of Marketing

Randi Zuckerberg who is the sister of Facebook Empire Founder and former head of marketing gave a compelling keynote on trends of the modern-day consumer. After a quick bio on how she came about spearing heading the marketing at Facebook she mentioned how lucky she felt to be apart of something special. Randi talked about experiences that had both successes and failures and the culture at Facebook. The famous hackerton’s allowed employees to take on pet projects to promote diversity and creativity.
There are 12 modern trends to the evolutions of the consumer
  • Gamification of Apps
  • Subscription Payments
  • Social Influence
  • Mobile Apps and future of payments
  • Collaborative consumption
  • Stay relevant
  • Crowd funding, crowd sourcing and or outsourcing.
  • Build loyalty programs
  • Develop a Sharing economy
  • Focus on the user experience of customers
  • Develop a Consumer Experience
  • Technology at your finger tips
Randy had a special page where she interacts with people. Check out Randi Live My favorite moment is when she shared the following conversation that took place on Facebook.

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