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Preschedule Status Updates

Facebook recently released their auto schedule feature for status updates for business pages. This allows users to pre schedule status updates in advance with the option to add a status, photo, video offer or  event. On top of all of this you can now pre schedule:

  • A year, month day hour and minute of when the status update can be published
  • The location you want to check in with
  • You can also choose to promote the status update if you are using face book advertising model
  • The flexibility of time really helps social media managers be more effective at scheduling status updates.
Business models now have the option to pre schedule their status updates on the face book platform rather than a social dashboard.  Everyone speculated when face book would roll this out. This really allows businesses to be smart with their time and more productive with their status updates. Many social media managers will be happy with this feature from a time management point of view.


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