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Predictions you can bank on!

Marketing both online and offline is evolving rapidly and we are in constant awe with how fast technological advances are creeping upon us. It seems like every week we are constantly wowed by the next coolest plugin, app or website that can do things that our forefathers spent years trying to accomplish in seconds… The marketing that we were used has a label to it going forward and our kids will call our marketing practices primitive compared to what it’s going to looks like in a few years. Outbound marketing has been taking a beating in the past few years and companies are reporting revenues dropping if they were just relying on this form of marketing.

Here are some safe predictions on where marketing is going in the next few months;

Email marketing campaigns is an aging dinosaur and will eventually be replaced with real-time interaction based on the audiences behaviour, needs and social interaction. We will start to see more businesses let the consumer control the marketing funnels rather than react and try to activate a sales process. Push marketing has a shelf life and its safe to say we can expect more timely marketing based on events, triggers and consumer behaviour.

With the increase of social CRM and all in one multi social channel dashboards we are about to have sex with consumer data. Tools like Hubspot 3, Radian 6, Blue Camroo and a hundred other CRM’s make consumer intelligence look easy. The new big brother will be businesses that are monitoring what we do and know so much about what we do. Through social intelligence reports on consumer patterns and behaviour offer vital metrics to marketers looking at catering their message based on our emotional triggers. Sales influence will look effortless going forward. Big data will make metrics digestible and easy to understand.

We will start to see all in one integrated marketing, sales and support teams handling phone, email, live chat, text and social communications on one platform. Every person in your company will have the ability to handle multiple aspects of the sales process and this term will be replaced to the consumer cycle and influence process. Influence will be determined through interaction, attraction, authority, social reactions and positioning.

KPI’s and metrics will drive ROI and revenue generation. We are already seeing companies report instant revenue impact through social metrics and analytics. Analytics will exist but coined a more hybrid term. Perhaps they will call it intelligence or income analysis. The truth is it wont matter because unlike our forefather’s who focused on lead generation and traffic, our hybrid reporting will include far more user intelligence on each user. Metrics will be easy to obtain and with a click of a button it will be easier to understand. Smart analytics is the new age of reporting.

Mobile, Smart phones, Tablets and Laptops are doing damage with anticipation of desktops being minimal in the next few years. If this is the case mobile intelligence, scalability and user experience will dictate the future wave of how we cater our marketing process. Mobile usability will create the one user ability where we will be able to do everything within our fingers reach. Mobile advertising platforms, geo target marketing and mobile app and integration is just the start as we expect to see companies invest heavily on mobile integration.

Content marketing and social governance, reaction and impact will the new SEO. Companies are deploying content strategies as we speak and we are going to see blogs, web logs, content curated platforms and aggregation heighten. A social and content strategy will be on every marketing departments agenda and every fiscal year-end review meetings. Content curation and crowd sourcing will make it easier for us to become an authority. Context will determine how attractive the content will be to the audience.

Evolved recruiting will involve smarter hiring decisions on the next generation employee. Emphasis will be to train a new breed of marketer who can multitask and online marketing savvy. Companies and institutions will cater academic programs to deliver an ever demanding market  for such roles.

Email Marketing will evolve and sound more human and personalized because of list segmentation and easy to create. The term email blast will almost find its place on the shelf with the Smith Corona type-writer. Email marketing will get cooler and easy to use and adapt to the evolved changes.

Visual Engagement will be the new flavour of cereal for the big marketers and with social visual engagement revolutionizing social platforms. Make no mistake visual is making huge impact and one can only expect this trend to increase and grow.

Marketing has already turned into a game through reward points and redeemable prizes. Gamification is changing how we do business and the framework will allow all business small and enterprise to incorporate gaming into its marketing funnel.

Finally thoughts…

We are moving back to the days of our forefathers where marketers will focus on building tribes!

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