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Podcasting Benefits!

I have been doing a ton of radio interviews and podcasts lately. In fact my friends BoB Garlick and Andrew Mcgivern who are actual podcast kings got me hooked ever since I joined their underground movement at the Bunker Project. While I have written about this awesome meet up event that occurs every two weeks I wanted to take the time to highlight some of the key benefits to podcasting.

  • The audience automatically understands who you are and builds a connection with your voice
  • Podcasting is a great tool for engagement and relationship building
  • An easy way of having a ton of audio comment
  • Podcasts transcribed and published audio is optimized and helps with SEO
  • The content on your podcast becomes a resource centre for your audience
  • It can lead to a call to action or influence a social reaction
  • It a great ay of building, maintaining and engaging a tribe of valuable listeners!

I think there is a rush being on air and sharing insights and entertaining. I have noticed podcasting can be a great tool for engaging an existing following. Some businesses are yet to reap the benefits of podcasting but this trend will change as this strategy is starting to grow on many outlets.

Can you think of any other benefits a podcast could have your business?


4 Responses to Podcasting Benefits!

  1. There’s a lot of benefits to finding a good niche podcast. Notably within your industry. We all know the media blows it when it comes to covering a given industry. There is a lack of balance and perspective. A podcast helps you tip the balance back in your favor by not only focusing on news and events that better reflect upon your industry, but allows sober, detailed comment. A podcast gives you time to deliver a message that reaches beyond the headlines.

    More importantly, it helps you get the emotional content exactly right. We all know an improperly worded email can have negative consequences if the reader misinterprets the message’s emotional content. At times it is difficult to distinguish between professional language and a message that is unnecessary terse. A podcast allows you to deliver messages to clients and colleagues with unambiguous emotional content.

    • Hi Karl

      Thanks for responding and the comments, I totally agree with the podcast benefits personalized to your audience.
      Emotional context is almost essential going into the future.

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