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Phonebook super powers!

Yes the phonebook really does have super powers… I am not referring to the telephone directory before you go and grab that big heavy book. The phonebook I refer to is your very own contact list on your cell phone. I was recently talking to a life/business coach who was going through what we call the industry blues. In fact how often do you hear this, a life coach in need of motivation from an internet marketer.

This life coach was looking at making a business change in his business. The challenge is he was in need of a second opinion and wanted my advise. After listening to his challenges and the resources he needed we realized very quickly the people who could assist him existed him in his very own phone book. Every day we enter vital contact information in our phone books of different people from the various industries yet we seldom every do follow up.

With a few phone calls and reconnections he managed to achieve all his monthly goals within days. I received a text thanking me for my advise and asking me to meet to set new goals for his business. This happens quite often. We are so busy with our own tunnel vision yet we fail to reach out to people within our own networks who could do wonders for our business goals. Have you reached out to your contacts lately?

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