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Personal Branding

I recently had a very thought-provoking conversation on personal branding with a bunch of startup companies recently and felt the need to share the benefits of this powerful buzz word. Personal branding has been graciously aging the marketing verbiage for years now however it has been quite the year for myself and my brand in 2012 and I felt the need to talk about it.

Like many marketers who provide a service or product when we start out we have no idea if it will be successful. We can hope for success but there is no guarantee for this result and many startups fail… The biggest benefit for personal branding is protection of network, digital and intellectual property and web presence.

You see when you focus on a personal brand no matter what business or idea you create people follow you for your talents, character and track record good or bad. People support and get in touch with who you are as a brand. I had started out in the online marketing game years ago with my personal brand and while I had focused on an international clients, 2012 was a breakout year for my personal brand in Vancouver on a local market scale.

With new business ventures on the horizon it’s very easy for me to influence my social and brand following to drive them to my new business ventures, ideas or concepts because the relationship has already been built. In fact its the best way to launch a new business idea when you already have a network you can expose your ideas to…

Personal branding gives you a protection on your character and defines you as a person first before product, service or company. If you have made a relationship on that foundation, all the concepts come next. How else do you think personal branding can impact your business?

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