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Packaging yourself!

I recently assisted a client of mine with their start up business. We spend a few hours mapping out their business plan and going over the different layers of the entire venture. This particular entrepreneur was offering a service and would be assisting other businesses by providing turn key solutions, consulting and training. The challenge with this individual business plan was like many other start up businesses and that was the services was clearly defined.

Most entrepreneurs might focus on the problem they are trying to solve while others focus on attracting potential customers. The challenge is not many focus on the impacts of packaging your services. You see packaging your services and product line isn’t just about rates and costs. Packaging is a form of a marketing presentation. In fact businesses are known to convert more on sales meetings when a package is provided and shown to a prospect.

Your clients need visuals apart from understanding what you are trying to solve. A product/ service package of the problems you are trying to solve, detail account of the steps or processes covered in your business process and a definitive cost measure are just a few of the nuggets required to be present in a package. You can enhance your package by including resources guide, a FAQ section, testimonial page and a company brochure. In most cases packages are given to clients with the intention of follow up. In that particular case focus on a proper call to action with details on how your prospects can get a hold of you.

Remember to ensure your package is readable and simple. You are also leaving a first impression so it is important that a package makes that first impression in building trust and confidence in you. How would you package yourself?

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