Digital Rebel

Outdated Marketing Strategies

In the past two years I have seen strong evidence that we are moving towards a digital era where there is more transparency, context and brand attraction. In fact I would be bold enough to say that marketing has morphed into digital story telling. Here is my take on a few outdated marketing techniques.

  • Pitch Marketing and social broadcasting
  • Cold calling unless it has a form of inbound marketing
  • Scheduled social media management
  • Phone book marketing unless it is a digital directory
  • Old school sales copy that focuses on wealth acquisition or promises of grandeur
  • The snake oil skin sales person approach or the used car sales person approach
  • Sales on a schedule and a calendar, buying signals occur 24/7
  • Spam Marketing through buying of list marketing
  • Repetitive email marketing campaigns
  • Direct Marketing of unpersonalized or warm list acquisition

While some of these strategies do still have some conversions, the numbers have been dropping significantly over the years.

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