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Outbound Calling

I have been a business growth strategist for a long time now. As I come from a very strong sales back ground I have learned the impact a cold call can do for your business. In fact part of my success in 2012 is owed to the ability of connecting with people within my industry. I do not shy away from making outbound calls and find this strategy very useful when trying to make new connections.

Now when people say cold calling most people think that this is only a strategy used by great sales people. The truth is you can cold everyday for other things apart from trying to sell product. You see I use cold calling for getting to know other people. I also use cold calling to make inquiries. If I see an event in my area I will make a few calls to introduce myself and try to be a part of the event or speak at the event.

The truth is if you don’t ask you wont receive.I owe a ton of my opportunities this year to cold calling. I always get asked how I got involved with a group or event and my answer is usually the same. I picked up the phone and made a few calls. As a business owner or start-up you should be making 5-10 phone calls a day to strategize, plan and operate your business.

Most people avoid cold calling because of the fear of rejection. The people I encounter are typically very happy to hear from me. In fact if you are calling someone to engage a conversation rather than pitch a product most people have no problem talking to you. It’s not the calling that’s the issue, it’s the way you handle the call. I find I get better responses by simply asking questions and conversing with the person on the other line. I have made some useful partnerships and alliances through this strategy.

When was the last time you called a new lead? How did the call go? What could you have done better?

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