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Origins of Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing (Also called reversal marketing) are marketing techniques designed to influence a consumer’s interest in your brand before they even purchase a product! There is an ever increasing trends of inbound marketing scenarios where customers are showing strong initiative to be a part of the sales process. A lot of consultants who successfuly apply attraction marketeing have shown success in this field and their respective sales process.

Lets evaluate the origins of attraction marketing

It Originated first through MLM Marketing where networks attracted their downlines by promoting the success of passive income. Most network marketers would showcase how much wealth they have accumulated and this became part of the sales pitch. In the early years the whole idea of creating a passive income became a novelty.

The Buzz was focused on marketing success and this helped individuals realize it was something that could be done from home. The ability to make money easy was the next evolution and we saw a rising trend of home based businesses in the 90’s.

Internet Marketing Evolved it and pretty soon it became the very essence of sales copy where success and how well you were off was part of the online sales process. You will probably have noticed how much emphasis was put on how much money someone made by following such easier steps and process. The long tail salescopy took off the in 90’s and became part of a standard uniform internet marketing pitch. Thousands were attracted to the very idea at how easy it was to make money online.

Social Media made attraction marketing viral. As the recession hit the world started becoming a hub for conversations. It no longer became what products you offered but who you know, what people were saying about you and the network you built. Successful marketers have been known to tap into their social media platforms to get to a customer by word of mouth. This method has probably had the most impact in a very short period of time. With the 6 degress of seperation factor it is becoming very easy for your potential clients to hear about you from someone else.

Content enhances attraction marketing. We are entering the world of content where Google is focusing on delivering web pages results. This also forces businesses to spend more time putting out value added content on their web platforms which will in turn promote a readership. I belive we are currently in this stage where the content you give builds your credibility. Marketers believe this is the next wave of attraction marketing and how far it has evolved.

People dont like being sold but like to buy. People are influenced by people and what they hear about products and services. In the new age conversations and overall content will be the new force that attracts customers to your business. People will start to focus on building their tribes of followers. What are you doing to attract customers to your brand?

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