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Out of all the skills and talents you may possess as an entrepreneur, you have got to have a tank full of optimism. In fact how optimistic and positive your outlook can effect your entire sales process. As an internet marketing consultant I meet a lot of business owners everyday. In fact most of the people I meet are usually start up mom and pops who are in need of growth.  Every time I meet with my clients I am constantly told that my optimism is a big selling feature. I want to share two specific case studies of two different business owners I have tried to assist in the last few months.

When I met these two different individuals they were both at start up stage. They both also had ambitions of growing and having a successful business however were in need of some business coaching and guidance. The one common feature they had at the start of this experiment was they were both frustrated, depressed and very PESSIMISTIC! I remember meeting both these individuals and feeling completely consumed by the negativity they both had. The truth is they didn’t have much to be happy about. No real business plan, no idea how to package themselves and finally no sales! Sounds familiar?

I decided to take on both of these individuals and become their mentor. Now both these individuals are in the same industry, and I applied the same process for both entrepreneurs. I had two very different drastic results and I have to say I think I have found the big reason why these results are so different. In fact I am almost certain the cause of the difference of results with this experiment has everything to do with energy levels and optimism. See here are the two case studies

CASE STUDY 1 – The pessimistic entrepreneur

So the first individual is very talented and very creative. The biggest strength was the artistic approach this individual brought. This individual was so talented, smart and knew the ins and outs of the services offered. The biggest challenge is this individual was very hard on themselves, jaded and depressed. The depression turned into this individual playing the victim card, and at times made some attention grabbing comments to get a reaction. The other factor was the lack of confidence also ended effecting the overall presentation of this individual. Finally, the individual started to give up on their work. When people complimented the work, it was disregarded. People that did get to him ended up taking advantage of the talents and no sales were made.

RESULTS – A struggling entrepreneur that is need of change. The sales process and client line is low. This individual will probably need a job pretty soon to survive. It saddens me to see this individual at this state and while I am doing my best to help, change must come from within.

CASE STUDY 2 – The optimistic entrepreneur

This second individual started at a very low point. In fact this individual was a lot worse and needed to see change immediately. This individual was in need of encouragement, guidance and coaching. I was impressed how approachable this individual was to change, new concepts and ideas. The big different is this individual made growth and change a priority. More time was spent on repackaging and reinventing their brand. Through mistakes this individual grew stronger and stronger. Finally this individual has started to see growth and conversions in sales. The first sale made all the difference!

RESULTS – In the last 3 months the business model has grown by 700%. The clients are recurring and consistent. Referrals are starting to come in and this individual has a 90% conversion rate on prospect to sale ratio percentages. The biggest game changer is how optimistic and positive this individual has become. I sometimes call this person for a dose of positivity when I myself am having a rough day.

Now while most entrepreneurs brag about all the clients they have impacted, very few will admit that they also deal with struggling clients who do not always succeed. While I am not going to give up on this project or experiment, the harsh reality is the power to succeed is really in the hands of the business owner. I will tell you this from experience, your attitude, demeanour and your outlook can attract or repel prospects. No matter how hard your business is struggling keep your chin up and show your confidence and smile.

I am not endorsing people to fake it until you make it but lets face it you showing your baggage or laundry on the first date is not helping you either. We are living the world of attraction marketing where people are buying into your brand. Your brand is your character and your core! Your optimism matters! PERIOD!

By Bosco Anthony

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