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Online Startup Stages

After consulting recurring client with similar business plan start up needs I have found a recurring theme when it comes to building a start up business. Most start ups today have 5 main stages to getting started online. These steps are essential to building your start up.  There 5 stages are listed as follows:

Operational Stage will cover all the difference processes to build your product, service or solution. This includes the paperwork, the documentation and administration. Most business believe this part to be the most difficult. There is a significant amount of time dedicated to getting your business started up. Most product requires a significant amount of time to create and most service providers need to create a curriculum for proper consulting.

Content Stage will cover the building of your resource centre. This will include content you will share online including a blog and content you will provide on the back end to your customers. The content stage will be a recurring ongoing phase as time goes along and will be the one stage where you will spend time on a more consistent basis.

Branding Stage will focus on all social and web platforms. This will include the website creation as well as the online representation of your brand. The message of your brand will be consistent across all your platforms. Branding will emphasize on the building of followers.

Internet Marketing is the process of sending traffic to your website. This is the one stage where most business fail because of lack of resources or because most of their budget was spent on the first 3 stages. Internet Marketing covers all depths and process of exposing your platforms to visitors.

Sales Funnel  involves all process that influence buying decisions. This includes email marketing, sales copy, additional products, up sell and the sales process of recurring or other products. This stage also involves partnerships, joint ventures and referral marketing. Outsourcing can also apply to this stage and at this stage a business can finally opt to grow their platform.


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