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Online Niche Marketing

I get asked this question all the time. “Does online niche marketing still exist?”

My response, “Only  if you do the right keyword research and strategically position yourself”

Now before you go out there and start buying domain names on how improve your golf swing, STOP! There are some industries that are really saturated however by targeting a specific demand or need you can strike gold! I recently had a friend of mine get into the social media scene and was training people how to implement social media into their marketing plan. Today every one is a social media expert however my friend stood out because his approach was targeted at a local market and he focused on building a list through speaking events. After one year of building a relationships he started to market to his list with great success.

There are 3 rules to online niche marketing

  1. Meet your customers unique needs by providing whats missing
  2. Deliver the right message and call to action
  3. Keyword Research is part of the testing phase (Always Test different markets)

After you have found a niche market you have to focus on the product life line to avoid being a one trick pony. You have to create multiple products or recurring revenue streams to grow your product life cycle. Eventually this leads to mass marketing after your clients go through your sales funnel.

I am always surprised to see so many business owners rapidly build a business model, website and products without even testing their keyword research. Every time I deliver a keyword report to my clients they are always surprised. I always smile when I hear my clients say, “I was sitting on an untapped market all this time!”

Niche markets still do exist however they exist because you have the ability to stand out and position yourself as the go to person for what you are trying to offer. This requires time, effort and branding.

Most successful markets became successful because

  • They chose a market that they were passionate about
  • They found a demand through proper online keyword research
  • They chose a product that had room to grow
  • Picked a product that was hard to find and had value
  • Picked an industry where you are connected
  • Picked a marketing sector that had potential to grow

Which of these scenarios are you in?


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