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One way social conversations.

I have been holding back lately when I notice someone I know sound like a complete moron on their social platforms. In fact these are people that I have met through the networking world that continue to make a blunder out of their social media presence and marketing. I chose to use my blog to vent and perhaps they will take notice of this post. This article is a big warning to anyone who tries to market their business through the social platform. There is an ever increasing trend of people that make this mistake and its time for me to give some brotherly advise on your social media status updates!

Thats right, the purpose of having a status update is to promote your opinion or inform the world on what you are getting up to. The challenge that I have is when I see someone constantly abuse the status feed with random sales posts on a daily basis. I recently added someone that I met at a recent conference and he happened to get my business  card. I started seeing daily random posts from him on how he will change someones life by inviting people to click on his sales promotion. This status update kept repeating itself for about a week before I opted out of receiving any more status update from this person.

The funny part is when he asked a question or passed a sales comment no one responded or engaged in his conversation. Yet he kept insisting on pushing this sales status update. The harsh reality is that sales on social media is a very subtle approach and the platforms are more designed to promote conversation. So many people forget this and decide to promote only on their status posts. Its like having a one way conversation with yourself. If no one is engaging in your posts that is a sign you need to stop and build a community first of proper followers.

Have you ever been one of those marketers that use social media platforms to post sales posts frequently?

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