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One Focal Point

I have been working with a lot of clients lately who have many ideas and would eventually want to create multiple streams of income. Internet Marketing if you haven’t noticed takes time to perfect and a lot of work. While many internet marketers try to attempt to have many web outlets experts recommend focusing on one website at a time. Bloggers are also told to focus on one blog at a time and build an authority first before attempting to work on multiple blogs.

This is one area where many start up internet marketers fail. Trying to spread your multiple income streams can stretch your time and resources. Marketers end up taking a half -ass approach to focusing on their websites and in turn the result is a lack of consistency of internet marketing and content. The real reason why websites are neglected is a lack of time or priority shown to the respective website. This eventually leads to the owner giving up on the online project.

Marketers are recommended to

  • Put your energy into one website
  • Focus on bringing traffic
  • Build a list
  • Publish consistent content
  • Build an authority figure
  • Let your web platform automate its revenue before moving on to the next project.

Have you run into this problem before?

2 Responses to One Focal Point

  1. But I have I can tag each of my lists! lol.. I totally see your point. I have 4 projects on the go but really they are very individual. Iam going to just focus on blogging for one and finding guest bloggers for the other so that they all get fair attention and focus. Best Win/Win I can come up with as my ADHD won’t let me give up the 4 projects!

    • Infusion soft is great for email list segmentation where you can segregate your lists of contacts

      Great features for infusion – my experience tells me that its better to focus on one brand at a time until you eventually automate the process

      let me know how it goes!

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