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Old School Salescopy techniques that turn me off!

Old School Salescopy The 90’s called…and it wants its cheesy salescopy back!

I need to write about a trend I have been observing for a few months now. Entrepreneurs keep making the mistake of using outdated sales gimmicks to pitch their products, events and services.

When you decide to disclose an over embellished earning amount to sell anything you are devaluing the product.

I recently was asked to go to an event where I was told that the speaker makes 1.1 million dollars a month and he would be talking about business opportunities. The BS meter started to go off, so the first question I asked  was why would someone making so much money need to have a pitch fest?

The event planner lost me – I would be more interested in knowing what strengths, background and value the speaker has to offer. This is an outdated strategy from copy writers who still use the old school method of earning disclaimer brag tags.

I have seen another hyper local entrepreneur claim his recycled social media strategies have made him a six figure income and it was his last workshop. A few months later he had another workshop and was pitching tickets to his event. I smiled a few times when I noticed his followers questioned and called him out on his social media streams.

We are in an age where integrity, value and influence play key roles in any sales process. I understand the need to pitch, but there are many options that aren’t so tacky. Successful people don’t need to brag. The audience can usually figure out who is doing well.

Food for thought!

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