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No Effort, No Gain!

In my initial meeting with a prospect I can see very quickly how much effort a business owner will put into his/her business. While some need guidance some need a reality check. I recently found a business owner who was beyond taking short cuts. The business model upon evaluation was weak. It lacked commitment and any sense of value proposition. Yet the business owner expected to see immediate results by simply putting up a landing page.

The results upon the first week of testing. (Nothing!) Most people have this false sense of the web or the idea of online marketing. Those days of having a website and expecting to see immediate results are a dream. It takes effort, content, and hard work to see results with online marketing. In the 90’s online marketing was an alternative to working. Online marketing today has become a full-time job!

It takes time for engagement, content marketing and an online marketing process. The truth is 98% of online startups fail in its first year because either it takes time to build authority or there isn’t much effort to see it through. Most people online who try to build websites are either too lazy or delusional about online success. Giving up is a common results after a few months of having a website or landing page.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you put in effort with your website?
  • Are you doing the necessary ground work to see success for your website?
  • Do you put in time for things like value added content?
  • Do you have a product that is worth buying into?
  • Are you expecting results without doing the necessary work?
  • Have you done your market research?

Most businesses do not even get to stage 2. Most business will stop after simply building a website. This is why the statistics are very high when it comes to startups failing online. Most people do not pay the necessary resources or time when it comes to their marketing effort.

How are you going about developing your web presence?

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