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Niche Clients

There is always a debate when it comes to carving out a niche for your business. Most experts recommend that its important to focus on one niche market and excel at it. There is the argument that excelling at ones trade to a certain audience can allow you to perfect your skill set or delivery of product or service. I, on the other hand happen to be on the other side of the argument and will go on a limb and say that sometimes its important not to focus on one niche…

Before the stones start getting thrown at me, let me explain why? In the past year I have grown my business in so many direction, taken on a few partners and even managed to explore new markets and audience. With this came a lot of exposure, experience and fresh insights on how to deliver my service… The truth is while its important to stand out as a service provider, it really hasn’t been as important for me to worry about what niche should be my market. My clients can vary from small to medium enterprise and sometimes even the bigger corporate clients.

Markets, industries and audiences can vary but the messaging of your business needs to be consistent. The truth is almost any niche can do with my service and I am not afraid to take on new markets. While I do agree that my scenario might not be the same for every market out there, I certainly believe that your business has room for growth. Whats your verdict?

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