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Follow-ups are essential to Networking.

Networking is an art of meeting different professionals at events, places or meetings with the purpose of finding a common business purpose. Most people feel that the main ingredient is having attention grabbing business cards, dressing to the nines or perhaps being the most popular person at the event.

In the last few months I have been hitting the networking scene in Vancouver, BC and have to say the most important thing you need to focus on is having meaningful connections and conversations with people. The true art of networking comes after the networking events when it comes to follow ups.

It’s always important to take action steps after great events and I wanted to give you a few tips and recommendations. These strategies are what successful entrepreneurs apply to their business today.

  • Spend the next days following up on people through Face book, Twitter, Linked In, Email or any other communication platforms.
  • If you gathered warm leads you would want to focus on them first. Remember to personalize the message so that it has a warm feeling to it.
  • Never try to take a sales approach on the first connection. Engage a conversation in person or call before you even think about attempting to sell a contact.
  • Evaluate your areas of challenges and weaknesses in business today / evaluate what strengths you bring to your business. Create a list of important contacts you made at the event and how they can help you get to your goals
  • Some people use auto responders for the rest of the business cards or connections collected. You only do this if the message sounds personalized.

The first week after a big networking event is the most important. Take action and don’t sit on your contacts. The longer you wait the colder the reception when you finally hit up your leads. Focus on getting to know your connections first before you talk business prospect. You will get more out of your new connections if you engage in a conversation and build your relationship on common ground.

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