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Network Marketing Platforms

Lately I have been approached and pitched on various multi level marketing platforms, network marketing platforms as well as an affiliate marketing platform with networking integrated within it. While these platforms do not cater to my business I wanted to evaluate why there is so much hype around such platforms. I started to poke into why marketing networks would and wouldn’t work for online marketers. While all businesses join certain platforms with the goal of business, revenue and exposure not many find the results when they sign up to these platforms.

The first challenge I find when being pitched on such networks is most followers try to bring you into their networks with the hopes of you promoting another form of income. While this might be attractive to many, it doesn’t really have much appeal for businesses already making that revenue anyways. If you cant really identify how a marketing network can impact a business need do not pitch it.

The next challenge is there is a stigma to such form of marketing and you have to be careful on pitching a platform on people you know. If people are avoiding you there is a good chance they fear being pitched by you. Its better to casually approach the topic or offer a recommendation only after identifying if the business really needs to sign up to such a platform in the first place. Pursuit marketing is dying and if you focus on attracting the clients instead you might have a better conversion.

After speaking to a prominent founder of a recent networking platform on the benefits of his program to businesses we both came up with the same conclusions. The biggest benefit to signing up to a network marketing platform is for exposure and the ability to bring in businesses. If you end up rewarding referrals through the network this could also increase your business chances. What we did agree is if your business has established paying customers and if you have a successful internet marketing strategy the need to sign up to another platform starts to decrease. The success of your current marketing plan determines what,when and how you adapt to other forms of marketing.

We both walked away having mutual respect for our businesses. Identify how you can truly benefit from any platform you choose to sign up and do not be convinced due to peer pressure. Remember while all network marketing platforms offer benefits to your businesses they are also making money from your sign up fees and business / leads you bring in to the funnel. Pyramid schemes also mean you are making someone else money. Food for thought!

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