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Need for Speed

If you are getting images of the video game, Stop! I am referencing the need for urgency on timelines for projects. While this seems to be a common issues with big scale operations you can also find this problem across small to medium enterprises. Businesses will report challenges with meeting project timelines quite often. While some will point fingers at distractions, resources or other priorities the one factor is lack of urgency across all channels.

Sometimes channels across companies do not operate on the same wavelength when it comes to priorities and/or urgency. This can be quite a bit of a challenge with proper communications and timelines. Some of the resulting factors about poor timelines is inter personal conflict and even internal chaos. When handling projects is important to create an accountability sheet that highlights timelines and the effective communication to build a sense of urgency across channels.

You will be surprised at how many companies report issues with urgency as the main cause of lack of project completion. I always shake my head when I hear of a project go sideways due to lack of accountability, communication or urgency. As a business it is important to set the tone for urgency by clearly defining them.

Is your business in need for speed when it comes to project completion going into 2013?

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