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My take on the social media awards!

The social media scene has been buzzing these past few years and in some cases has been exhausting keeping up with all the changes and events that occur throughout the year. Yet every now and then an original idea kicks in and some beautiful results occur from such creativity and initiative. What started off as a student initiative is now a highly publicized event  that will be taking place locally next week.
The social media awards was created in September calling on the local public to nominate worthy names for various categories in achievements of excellence. A group of bold students headed by president, Mark Woo stormed the local forefront and created the social media awards committee from various student bodies and universities. While the awards highlights both student and brand achievements there is room for the two segments to integrate and mingle.
I was very impressed at how a few students dreamt big and pulled off a milestone event. From sponsors, media attention to local community support these students pulled off the unthinkable. This was the inspiring part for anyone observing as it goes to show how effective a vision can turn into results. These young students show persistence and overcame the odds and brought their game face to the super bowl party.
After effective communications, launch parties the campaigns started. Brands and student nominees alike had to come up with content rich campaigns, creative methods to get buy-in from their tribe or network and most importantly hustle for bragging rights. I may be biased having been one of the nominees for the best business blog in Vancouver, but I too love a great campaign. Healthy competition led me to pull an impressive campaign having the most votes and view in my category. Finally another networking event to celebrate the top 3 nominees in each category and we are off to the final whistler on March 28th when the winners are announced.
No matter who wins the award, everyone in my opinion is a winner for being a part of this monumental event and being associated to it. My friends at Hush Magazine wrote an impeccable piece on why Vancouver needs the social media awards. Simply put the social media awards symbolizes hope, recognition and opportunity for brands and students alike. We after all have a voice and want it to be heard and recognized.
The Social Media Awards Night, take place on March 28th at the Roundhouse Community Centre.

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