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Monthly Power Sessions

Every business should have a group of advisors to bounce business ideas with. What if you were involved in strategic think tank group set in a casual setting where you could discuss ideas, thoughts and concepts openly with like-minded entrepreneurs? This is exactly what I do on a monthly basis. We call our group the cool kids and we meet up once a month across different restaurants in the lower mainland.
We all met over a year ago at a conference that was simply put, “terrible!” We all ended up ditching some of the presentations to grab lunch at and since we were engaging online were able to connect and chat in person.  The online engagement continued offline and it was recommended we do a luncheon and our idea kicked off from there. We have been meeting monthly since at various local business establishments. I think within the first meeting we had already built an agenda on how we would run such gatherings into a business format.
Whenever we meet we will always start off with the personal updates and events around our lives. While we are looking at the menu and ordering food, the discussion are free flow and always entertaining. After the catch ups we get right into business and start discussing a round table discussion of business victories and events surrounding our business. This is the time when we get to mention the accolades and accomplishments in our business. This moment is important for us as most business people do not even have a forum to express themselves. By the time the meals arrive we discuss challenges and opinions on latest trends or issues. Finally we will share any tech, mobile or digital advancements and tools that could help our business. As we are paying our bills we will discuss local events, meet ups and a conferences we might end up seeing each other before we plan the next venue and power session.
This power sessions are informative, rewarding and insightful. Many of my business decisions, ideas and thoughts are put into action and focus. I have been able to share and discuss different business elements with such trusted and respected friends from my power sessions. Our  core group has been 6 people and usually have notable guests that join us whenever we are in the area. The people make all the difference as we all operate in different niches, and support each other through our business journey. I have to say I have looked forward to every event so far because there has always been encouragement, respect and motivation after each power luncheon.
Jeff and Tara Ciecko are golfing marketing consultants, Randall Orser is a powered accountant, Margaret is an independent insurance advisor, Bonnie Sainsbury is a social media maven and then there’s me. If you are ever in the area of interested in joining us sometime send us a shout out.

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