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Mobile Calendars – A Keynote Speakers Best Friend!

I have a great start to 2012. In the last 4 months I have had 30 plus speaking engagements both by request and my own events. I recently launched my meet up group called the “Internet Marketing Think tank.” I have a feeling the request and speaking engagements will only grow. However as a keynote speaker I made some key errors at the start of the year and ended up double booking myself and had to make embarrassing phone calls to change dates. In my opinion it can not only be embarrassing but also considered unprofessional.

The biggest problem is I met these people at random places at random times. While its always good to book dates in a notebook, day timer or computer at home it would be great to have something at the palm of your hands. In fact my friend who is a seasoned keynote speaker gave me some very resourceful information. If you have a smart phone you should be utilizing your mobile calendar. PERIOD! Now for my tech savvy readers you might be sitting there laughing at how obvious this recommendation is but you will be surprised how many keynote speakers do not do this today. Sometimes event organizers cant wait for hours to get a confirmation and need real time decisions.

I started using a couple of apps and my iphone calendar app and overnight just got better at organizing myself. I could give quick time answers on my availability and also just managed my time a lot more efficiently. If you are a keynote speaker the mobile calendar app should be your best friend. You cannot afford not to have it. Someone joked around and said having a mobile calendar app is like having a wallet. Lets face it you might not carry a laptop, day timer or books at any given time of the day but chances are your mobile phone is always with you. I know I am lost without my cell phone at any given time.

I have a few recommendations on certain apps you can use on a smart phone. However I recommend you do some research and see if there is any other apps that suit your business needs. Consultants, Service providers are using this more now than ever before. The apps I use are

  1. Iphone Calendar App – This is an awesome free tool that comes with any iphone and syncs with your Mac.
  2. Week Cal – Labels the different types of business engagements and syncs with your regular iphone calendar
  3. Geo Cal – Syncs with an gmail account.
  4. Calvetica – Syncs with ipad and iphone
  5. MiCal – Also shows the daily weather
  6. Agenda – Simplistic look to it!

You will notice I am pro Iphone, Mac and yes love the itunes apps. My sincere apologizes to the blackberry or Android crowd but they too have apps for the respective phones. While it doesn’t matter what app you have, it is important you start using these apps to manage your keynote engagements much better!

What apps do you rely on? Any recommendations for android / blackberry smart phones?

By Bosco Anthony


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