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Mitch Joel – Art of Marketing

Art of MarketingThe next person to wow the audience this morning was Mitch Joel who is simply labeled as the rock star of digital marketing. From once being a music journalist, Mitch wrote the book Six Pixels of Separation which is an awesome read. The theme of his keynote was control alt-delete. He covered the WTF-What the 5ish, The 5 movements going on in the internet.

He started off by telling us that its okay for us to feel that we are in digital purgatory and companies should focus first on direct relationships. He mentioned that while many brands are trying to get us to join all these social platforms and followings, it is even more important to build on direct relationships.Regardless of whether you sell a product, make a product or you are the social platform you all need to fight to build a relationship with the client. Companies likes Lego and Apple are going out-of-the-way to build a direct relationship with the consumer and create the brand experience.

The next take was sex with data. Companies like Amazon know the exact intelligence of their users, their shopping habits, their wish list and the overall behaviours of the consumer. Companies need to start having a holistic view on the analytics of their consumers without breaching privacy. It is important to educate the customers on why you collect data and how we can enhance the user experience with this data. Amazon released a great app called price check that allows consumers to trade personal data for incentive and value of experience. They have turned their customers in reporting bots. He reminded everyone that we need to turn linear data and circular data into an integrated stream of data.

The next factor is the utilitarianism marketing where the platforms connect with shoppers online and curate the users stream. A company that turned from social platform to social shopping is Fab. He also showed a few examples of the kick starter website that allows the audience to crowd fund a start-up. The utility or death syndrome mentioned that there is a new home screen and its the smart phone. He showed some incredible examples of how Lego uses augmented virtual reality to show case some of their toys, talked about cool apps like sit or squat. (I was wondering why stores like Lego did not exist during my childhood in Africa)

The factor with very interesting insights was the passive vs active stream of content and media. He showcased how newspaper sales and online newspaper advertising had dropped significant since 2003. He labelled that day as the crappiest day in newspaper history. Mitch explained why he is a Google evangelist and shared some stats on how google advertising is on the rise. He also believes mobile subscriptions is growing rapidly.
The next factor is while many complain of iPads. mobile, tv, iPods the future is integrated all in one screen. He mentioned that Bill Gates is the Moses of digital media and he is the guy that came down from a mountain and delivered the tables. Technology has removed the technology from technology. The iPad did not exist 3 years ago but today everything is integrated in one screen. The future generations will be working without a keyboard or a mouse.

His final take home was that we need to ask ourselves if we are paying justice to the brand narrative? This video by Chipotle really brought home his message! Are we really narrating our brand?

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