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MIA Concept Explained!

Selling a product has evolved over time. Gone are the days when vague sales copy will bring you mass conversions. In todays market the consumer decides on buyers decisions. The only ground you have control of is to provide influence to make a buyers connection. It is important today more than ever to connect with your consumer.

The formula is to really organize your knowledge and content to create a buyers connection. There is a specific formula shared by many greats and recently was highlighted by Eben Pagan in his latest product launch.

There are 3 vital stages to making a buyers connection

  1. Motivation has to appear in all your information product section. Bring back the emotional need as it will bring back the customer to apply what they are learning in their lives. You have to motivate your customer over and over again.
  2. Information is really where you give away quality content
  3. Action Steps need to be specified and motivated to take action.

Someone I follow recently spoke about the MIA Concept – Check out this video from Eben Pagan


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