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Marketing Triangle

Dan Kennedy to many internet marketers is one of the pioneers of internet marketing. His work has been legendary and paved the way for many great names after him. I was recently reminded of one of his marketing concepts this weekend over a conversation with a start up business company. I was introduced to a boutique internet market service provider who focused on one specific entity of internet marketing. The challenge with this individual is they were struggling with their marketing plan and asked me to review their plan. The ironic part about the marketing plan that caused it to be flawed is this owner was not really focusing on the three sides of the marketing triangle efficiently.

There are three sides to this famous triangle analogy which are your market, the message you carry out and the media you use to create awareness. So I used this business owner as a case study and found out that this person was content with coasting. The exact words were I just want to pay my bills and I will be happy. The truth is if you take a half-ass approach to your marketing, your business will suffer. I always find it ironic when an internet marketing service provider comes to me for internet marketing advise. The truth is we have all been in this stage where we say to ourselves, “I know I need to focus on my marketing”.

Successful businesses do not take the spectator seat when it comes to their marketing plan, they are acting on it every day. To summarize this winning formula:

There must be a market for your product or service that is targetted and located in your consumer research.
There must be an understandable message to deliver to get your potential customers relating to the solutions you offer. You have to tap into those emotions to influence a buying decision
There must be a proper advertising medium you will identify through multiple channel testing.

The results of my case study:

  • We started off with helping this business owner target their market. What we found is that they were focusing too much on local market when there was high demand for their services on a more global scale.
  • We focused on a clear branding and messaging strategy that defined what this business was offering to clients
  • We created a monthly marketing budget and implemented a strategy a month to test and see the results.
  • The business has grown by 350% and clients, sales and profits grew within a few months to no surprise.

As a start up you have so many hats you are wearing that marketing often gets overlooked. Have you focused on your marketing triangle lately?

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