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Marketing perspectives.

Marketing has so many different definitions and foundations. It has evolved over time into so many different layers. The rare concept of marketing dates back to ancient times. However the perspective of marketing varies from different cycles. Lets us evaluate the different perspectives of marketing from different roles of business.

Economists perceive marketing to be based on the transaction/ exchange of something of value.

Practitioners perceive marketing to be a process of planning and implementing the development and distribution of goods to fulfill and produce revenue.

Companies perceive marketing to include functional activities which can grow a company. This consists of products, customers and competitors analysis, environment forecasting, and implementation of distribution in society to maintain the lifeline of a company.

Scholars perceive marketing to be theory and special business relationship activities for pricing, promoting, distributing products and services for the mutual benefit of stakeholders and to achieve organizational objectives.

If we combine all of these different perspectives with the current times in business today. Marketing is defined as the theory and practise of identifying the needs/ wants and leveraging distribution of goods and services in a competitive society.

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