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Mapping your blog to the blogosphere.

A Blogosphere is an online community of blogs that are interconnected with the intention of creating and managing web space. Today there are over 172 million identified blogs and a million blog posts being updated each day.

Having a blog today can help with your content and page rankings on your website, improve your Alexa traffic, list organically for certain keywords and also generate organic traffic through the search engines.  Bloggers today also report revenue from ad space and also speaking engagements and public appearances. Most blogs are used to create a following of readers and opt-ins.

Sites like Technorati will track the interconnection between Bloggers and can be a search engine for blogs by looking at posting tags. Mapping your Blog onto the Blogosphere can do wonders for you, as it’s a source of traffic to your web space. More exposure will in turn help with your page rankings.

After mapping your blog trends show Bloggers have similarly begun to engage in social media platforms merging the two web platforms together. Overall there are many benefits to mapping your blog to the Blogosphere platforms. If you have a blog you might want to consider connecting it to the Blogging realm.



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