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Managing social chaos.

One might ask what is social chaos. Well in short social chaos is the endless amount of useless stream of posts and content on your social platform. For today’s case study I will share a strategy I implemented on Twitter that has delivered a ton of positive results for on twitter.

Ask yourself this,

  • Have you had a hard time getting control of twitter.
  • Are you overwhelmed with the endless spray of twitter updates that have no relevance to your business?
  • Are you distracted by a ton of posts that take cause you to surf the net instead of working on engagement?

Well I went through these problems when I first got on Twitter. In fact I was adding everyone that followed me and this was the first problem. You see while its important to reciprocate you need to be careful who you are following. You will see a ton of spam posts, shady black hat twitter strategies and crap when you follow just about anyone.

The key to my success is to first add only the people that are relevant to my cause. So the first thing I did was flush out a ton of irrelevant followers. Should this also brought down the count of people following me however it cleaned up my twitter news feed pretty good. I went from following 1500 people down to 300 people in one day. However these 300 people were pivotal to my business. I used an online software called Twit Cleaner.

The next step is something not many businesses actually do. Yet this underrated strategy can deliver massive impact to the time you spend managing your twitter profile. If you created lists for the people you follow on twitter it would take time and you would have to go through each follower to add them to different list. Well I discovered an online platform that allowed you to add lists all in on go. This will enable you to manage your follows effectively based on your need to follow them. Whether its organizing tweets from all the internet marketing specialists, or arranging all the news platforms on a breaking news list, this platform allows your twitter feeds effectively. The program I used was TwitListManager.

These two strategies have reduced my time going through endless feeds and also got me better at interacting with the right people for my business. What strategies have you implemented that has delivered massive results?

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