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Making plays!

Planning annual events and mapping out your time is essential when making plays for the next business year. In my case I took December to have some down time but also reconnect with my network and start to map out and play my 2013. It is crucial for a business to focus on the future and consider ways to bring and promote the business.

If you focus on future events the present becomes more organized and structured. One might ask how do you make plays for the future. This is very simple. Lets look at ways at how to plan for the future:

  • Identify key quarterly goals for the new year
  • Identify key players that can complement your business
  • Identify potential partners, affiliates and ventures that could grow your business
  • Identify events you have to attend or be a part of
  • Create a speaking schedule
  • Reach out to your network to see how you can alliance with them
  • Reach out to your network to start planning events that you want to speak or associate yourself with
  • Reach out to your network and spend time reconnecting with your followers during the break

This is exactly what I did in December and I am excited for 2013 as it will have the same intensity for the business as it did in 2012. What plans have you implemented for 2013? Are you going to make it rain?

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