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Make your own rules!

I like to think that I am a student to some of the great minds in business. I surround myself by successful minds because it helps elevate my game. Every now and then there is that one person that forgets their place and feel the need to educate me on how I should represent myself online.

I always love getting unwanted advise from someone who claims to be an expert of all sorts yet doer of none. It is even more demeaning when someone tries to replace advise with personal attacks. In the past few months I have come across so many strong alpha dominant characters who love putting me in a sand box and creating rules that I should apply. I am all for learning from other business models and strategies but there comes a point when you make your own rules.

We are all different and must position ourselves different to stand out. My biggest accomplishment this year is positioning myself as a resource to my clients, networks and acquaintances. I do not follow the rules of sharing content or limiting myself to what I share. I find that people are shocked by the capacity of content I have managed to give out on a daily basis. I find I tend to study the experience shared more than the statistics and numbers.

It has been no secret  my blog has been one of my more successful accomplishments in 2012. My critics had questioned my writing, positioning, place, skills, blog appearance among many other things. In one conversation I was asked why I chose to blog 5 days a week. My response was, “Why not?”

Overtime I focused on the value of the criticism and less time on the actual criticism. For example I focused on better blogging categories, improving the return visits to my site and the overall time spent on my site. In the past 2 months, engagement, comments, increase in opt-ins and clients have all been part of the success of the blog. There are a few other major success that my blog has brought that I will share over time but I will confirm this. I made my own rules and applied lessons from other marketers and managed to find success at what I do.

My meet ups and keynotes focused on what many speakers lacked in the city. I gave away a ton of content without selling anything. I was prepared to give away trade secrets with no fear and this in turn grew my sales overnight. While everyone else told me to charge for my speaking events, I spoke for free. I managed to build a tribe and found other ways to benefit from that tribe and increase my ROI.

Business is what you make of it, make your own rules and live by them! There is a difference between doing your research or seeking advise and someone telling you how its done! Do not afraid to take your own path.

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