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List Segmentation.

Email Segmentation is defined as the process of customizing your opt in lists based on certain criteria with the intention of improving efficiencies. The efficiencies would include analytics on your email campaigns. In a world where your subscribers are being stormed with a ton of emails you are competing for their attention. In fact you need to customize your messages so that the subscribers feel relevant and current with your messaging. The main objective of your segmentation is to add relevancy to your messages so you can add more value to your subscribers.

Most email marketing experts will advise you to start off by separating your lists into three main criteria’s

  • Customers / Clients
  • Prospects
  • Acquaintances or Subscribers / People you just met through networking

As time moves along you will perfect your list segmentation based on what makes sense to your business module and how often you email market to your list. Remember its not just how you segment your list but what you are sending to these people that counts. How relevant and personalized are the messages you are sending out?

Here are other recommendations made to help you segment your list even more

  • List based on product purchased
  • Prospects that have turned into paying customers
  • Big clients VS Small Clients
  • Recurring customers
  • Customer Life Line
  • Demographics on different sectors, age etc
  • Local Geography
  • Engaging and Social Customers
  • Acquisition Channels
  • Networking Channels
  • Active or Inactive Clients
  • Targeted or Up sell Campaigns

Remember list segmentation can improve your open rates and deliver impact provided you have deliver value in your content and how often you communicate. If network with people in January and decided to send a follow up 3 months later the chances of that lead being warm is highly unlikely. Email marketing is effective when you capitalize on timing.

Are you segmenting your lists? What are the other criteria’s you consider?

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