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List Marketing

List Marketing is the method of promoting a business to a list of leads or prospects. List marketing occurs after a business has acquired a list to market to. Businesses will obtain such lists either through means of renting a list or going through list vendors that will exchange lists for the purpose of marketing. Sometimes businesses will even pay an email marketing company to email their lists on their behalf:

Now with recent rules in Canada about email marketing list marketing has been a process frowned upon by marketing professionals because it can also be considered as spam. In fact some rules now have a ton of fines where a company could end up being held accountable for spam marketing. Yet many companies still ignore such penalties and often fly under the radar…

There are many pro’s and cons to list marketing…

Lets evaluate the negative effect of list marketing

  • If you are paying a company to email lists for you, you have no control of the results or actions.
  • Most of the time startups will see little to no results to outsourced list marketing
  • Most lists dont know you and end up having a high percentage of your emails ending up in ones spams filter
  • Email statistics end up being very poor and a high bounce rates
  • Minimal conversions at best

Now while there are some cons to list marketing there are some advantages to acquiring lists:

  • If the quality of a list is very good and qualified you can see great conversions on email marketing
  • If you have the ability to manage a list you rent out you can create a series of customized emails to promote engagement first
  • List marketing has proven to be a great list generation for some type of businesses more than others
  • List marketing allows you to tap into markets or lists of prospects you might not have had access to
  • More ROI when email marketing has been done properly

List marketing is a success when you have:

  • Intelligence on your list
  • Control of how you market list
  • Access to the list demographics and statistics
  • Email marketing statistics
  • When you do proper copywriting
  • The list your purchase is fresh

If any of the above elements are missing you become a spammer and risk being flagged by email filters.

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