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Linked In Tips

I recently had lunch with a friend who has managed to capitalize on the Linked In social platform. During our luncheon he shared with me some of the strategies he is currently using that has managed him to successfully network, engage and convert prospects into customers. He shared some of the top strategies he is currently using on linked in that he has managed to capitalize on.

The first mistake that most marketers make is thinking linked in is only for job searchers and recruiters. While this accounts for a good volume of contacts most of the decision makers you are looking for and entrepreneurs typically have a linked in account. “It is almost like you have to go through a bowl of skittles to find the red ones!”

You can always tell a lot about an individual based on the profile you come across. It is key to have an engaging, active and full profile on linked in. “The more you put into it, the more you get out of it”. Remember when you contact people through linked in, the first thing they do is check your profile and typically read your recommendations.

It is important to belong to groups within your industry. This allows you to network and prospect contacts who share similar interests. People will add you and reach out if they find your background compelling enough. It is important to participate in groups, forums and conversation to get recognized or noticed. “Social networking is almost as important as being present on a social network!”

It is important to distribute your blog posts and use the word press app on your linked in profile. This delivers traffic and potentially opt-ins. When you update blog posts or fresh content through groups, profile blog app or distribute fresh content on forums instant credibility. “People are attracted to what you share and write!”

The next tip is similar to making out bound calls. It is reaching out and messaging potential contacts who can compliment your business needs. I find when someone emails me through linked in I will actually take the time to read it provided its not a sales pitch. My friend recommends having a customized message about who you are, why you are contacting someone and the ability for them to correspond or add you. This brings him a 70% correspondence conversion and leads to a business meeting by phone email or chat. “Reach out to your network, Linked offers the same  features a phone book would!”

The most deadliest of strategies is the linked in answers section. This is a place where you can become the expert or go to resource when it comes to assisting prospects. It’s best practise to engage and answer questions on a daily basis and utilize this area the most. “The more you help people the more people will be drawn to you!”

It is finally important to have your team of employees, clients and partners all engage and interact on linked in. This is a really good way to create a company experience and help with your branding. Its best practise to have a company presence based on how big your organization is. “Build a tribe of followers and partners!”

It is key to remember that these strategies are aimed to help you on linked in. Social media itself compliments your marketing strategy and is not the only form of marketing. What strategies would you like to share that work for linked in?


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