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Linked In Evaluation.

Like many of my fellow competitors I recently got an email from Linked In evaluating my outreach on one of the oldest dominant social platforms, Linked In. The social platform had recently celebrated their 200 million member joining the platform. While many used it as bragging rights I wanted to write a blog post on the platform, the importance of Linked in and my current status on how I use the platform.

In my opinion Linked In showed to be a great professional tool with networking opportunities. That said I had a hard time getting my hands engaging my audience and instead found myself using the inbox features a lot more to reach out to my audience. So while some of my connections had better statistics on the network, my profile was still in the top 5% of accounts viewed by the world.

It was quite interesting to note that the majority of users resided in the United States followed by profiles in India, United Kingdom and Brazil. Canada and Australia also made the list for the top 6 countries for linked in users.


I event received an email from the Vice President of the User experience thanking me for my contributions on the network. I thought this initiative was very personal and made a lot of people feel very happy to be a part of the network.


It was interesting to find out the most viewed profile for Linked In was President Obama in 2012.

There was over 5.7 billion searches conducted through the social platform in 2012 which indicates that profile views, searches and research is a big part of the social network activity.

One can expect your network and people you might know check your profile which highlights the importance of having a credible portfolio representing your account

One can only assume your work experience, testimonials and accomplishments is a popular task when one is viewing your linked in profile

There is a new member signing up every 2 seconds in 2012.



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