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Life Hack Productivity Task Sheet

I recently designed my very own life hack productivity task sheet to help me deliver on my accountability. As my brand evolves my time and direction is spent on various elements and I was feeling of anxiety as I felt  I was being pulled in so many different directions. This is when I needed to start listing my various priorities and tasks by the different categories. I was able to manage what was urgent and tasks that could use more time.

I also found that my writing manually on this sheet it gave me a sense of accountability that was even more effective than a smart phone or a digital copy. Yes you heard me say that by writing tasks manually on this task sheet delivered better results. There is something about writing on a document that gives me a sense of responsibility and ownership.

The key is to have a visual listing process. The checking of tasks out of the priority lists gives you a sense of accomplishment and rewards. The beauty of this template you can print as many copies and use them either daily or weekly based on your needs and the goals you set for yourself. Since I started using this format I have been on top of my priorities and manage to complete anywhere from 20-30 tasks a day.

I have seen so much rapid success with this sheet that I have been asked to share it with my colleagues and friends online. So here is a visual copy created through MS Excel on my cheat sheet

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